Aug 2012 FGI Your Color Palette, Your Style.....You!

On August 23rd, FGI-AZ presented "Our Annual Members Mingle" held at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale with Special Guest Barbara Kaplan- Color Specialist and "Interior" Designer. 
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Event Recap- Your Color Palate, Your Style…You!

The event was hosted by La Maison Interiors, a new interior design showroom in Scottsdale.  The evening began with wine, appetizers and networking for the first 45 minutes- hour.  Members were able to connect and network during this time before the program began.   We had approximately 40 guests attend the evening. 

After the networking hour, guests were ushered into an area of the showroom that was set up for Barbara to lead a discussion and present her philosophy on Color as it applies to how we dress and how we decorate. 

Barbara spoke to the group and explained how she came to develop an approach to interior design through applying what colors look good on the individual as a guide to how you should decorate your home.  If a color looks good on you it will make you feel good, and it will also make you feel good if you are looking at it in your home.  She explained that she created an in-depth survey that she uses with her clients that ultimately identifies their color palette that she uses to design and decorate in their homes.  In addition, the client has a better understanding of their own personal style which empowers them to make decisions about decorating that is a true reflection of them, and not any other outside influences.

After her presentation she opened up the forum for discussion where members could ask questions about interior design.  Some guests had questions about what rooms are the most important to decorate.  Her answer was that the most important room is what is most important to the individual.  Another guest asked about decorating for a couple or family.  She explained that two different color palettes will create a combination (1 1 3) that is unique to them and that there is no right or wrong!  Barbara taught the audience how to listen to themselves and empower them to be their own designers!

After her presentation, the La Maison designers took the group on a tour of the showroom where they had set up 4 rooms to reflect the 4 color palettes Barbara presented earlier.  The designers lead small discussions and further explained each color palette allowing guests to ask more questions and see a visual depiction of what Barbara presented about.

The evening was very educational and gave the guests the tools and knowledge to have the confidence to design on their own, or at least understand their personal style a bit more and be able to apply it to interior design.