FGI-AZ 2013 Annual Meeting of the Members

Annual Meeting 2013

Julia Baker

On WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30TH, FGI-AZ hosted its Annual Meeting of the Members at JULIA BAKER CONFECTIONS @ Biltmore Fashion Park.

NETWORKING  began at 6pm with an exchange of business cards between members and old friends and mingling.

FGI-AZ ANNUAL MEETING  Members heard from the 2013 Board of Directors about the 2013 Action Plan, goals for the year, and to meet the 2014 Executive Board of Directors Elect.

THE FASHIONABLE BUSINESS OF CONFECTIONS!  Members listened to local chocolatier, Julia Baker, speak on the success of her business, her passion for fashion, and the recent opening of her new flagship chocolate boutique and wine bar – all while enjoying a three chocolate tasting.