Arizona History



By Francine McCrea




In May, 1999, Tiffany & Co. sponsored our debut party for 100 guests in their lovely store.  With the help of many Fashion Group members who had moved to AZ from other chapters, we were off and running.  The Phoenix/Scottsdale retail area and related fields have grown and developed so greatly in the past 10 years, it was inevitable that we would succeed.

In addition to the monthly events dealing with the business of fashion, Fashion Group of Arizona reaches out to the women of Fresh Start in support of their return to the work force after difficult social and economic circumstances. Our student members are part of the promise of future executives in the fashion field.

The Rising Star event becomes more successful each year.  In September 2006, over 175 guests enjoyed the festive ambiance at the Valley Ho Hotel while watching a presentation showcasing some of Arizona's finest designers. 

As we approach our eighth year, it should be the mandate of every member to help us grow by sponsoring a new candidate for membership.  With your help we can be one of the most successful groups in the Fashion Group firmament.




























Francine McCrea was the first regional director, Beth Bobek became the second, Dawn McCallum and Ann Holmstrom the third and Maggi Heiser is the fourth.

They each have served 2 year terms.